After School & Homeschool Drama Programs

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Summer Acting Drama Club
Ages 5 to 11


The 2022 Summer Acting Drama Club is for ages 5-11 and is held at the outdoor amphitheater at Sawyer Free Library.

The drama club sets out to teach valuable like skills via the basics of acting in a fun an creative way.  Done through a series of theater games, improv, and scenes that help students to shine on stage.  They help to build confidence, teamwork, speaking and presentation skills and culminates in a performance on the final day, in front of a live audience.

  • Monday thru Friday, August 1st thru 5th from 12 noon until 2:00pm.  Show in on Friday August 5th.
  • Fee is $85 per student + $15 for the scene book, which is available from the instructor.
  • To register please contact Jape Payette at or click on the button to pay & register

Summer Acting Drama Club
August 1st thru 5th

Jape and JapeScape Productions, would like to thank you for your support and generosity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While things are getting better we are all working hard to get back to normal.  JapeScape has announced our After School Drama Programs, and we are looking forward to getting started. 

Recently some of the parents that have enjoyed the videos over the pandemic, and enrolled their children in our programs have asked how they can show their support and generosity to JapeScape Productions and our staff.  As a result I have restored the donations button below.  As always and again thank you for your support.

After School Drama Club:                Elementary School ages

JapeScape Production teaches Valuable Life Skills via the basics of acting in a fun and creative way. This is done through a series of theatre games, improv and scenes that help students to shine on stage, build confidence, teamwork, speaking and presentation skills; and finishes in a performance in front of a live audience.

Music and Movement:                       Preschool Ages

Jape Payette has been teaching music and movement to children of the preschool ages for  over 20 years.  He is very popular with the kids as he adds fun movements to fun songs and plays creative and imaginative games that prove to help develop cognitive and physical skills.  Some songs are from popular children’s movies like Trolls & Minions and other songs shadow seasonal themes throughout the year.  Jape loves to make children laugh. Laughter also proves to be a very effective learning tool.

All in all fun will be had.