Jape Payette Actor Video/ New England Actor 

        The Shell & Jape Show ...6 videos on youtube                                                      

(TOL) Theatre of Light Presents:      The Chronicles of Narnia, The Musical

           Jape as Co-director

and appearing as ASLAN


Performances at Saint Peter's Church in Salem  


The Mobfather




Jape as Tony Fontana

Candidate for Murder ...   Jape as Harry Hedge


       Summers 2006 & 2007        

Jape as "Jim Slim" in Margarita's Mystery Cruise                                   



Jape in the Easter iParty Commercial! 



Murder We Wrote  

Jape as: Dr. Pat Mc Kracken (Eccentric Scientist)



 The Trial of Susannah Martin

         With The Delvena Theatre Company



Jape as 6 Characters:  

Rev. Paris, Dr. Griggs, George Jacobs, Judge Hathorne, Constable Orlando Bagly & Royal Governor William Phipps

Ongoing Travelling Shows for

*Schools, Churches, Libraries, Museums, Historical Society, etc. 

*To Have this show come to you: Call  (978) 879-9293  

*Already Seen By

Libraries: Burlington, Chelmsford & Nahant  

Historical Societies: Lynn Historical Society,

Schools: Pope John XXII, Roxbury High, Middlesex Regional-- Townsend



Daniel deStephano, Director of the Nahant Public Library commented:  " Delvena Theater has given two wonderful performances at the Nahant Public Library. Each performance was well-attended and well-received. Library patrons have already asked when the Delvena Theater will return--and we absolutely will have them back again!"                                             

He also wrote 'Delvena's production of The Trial of Susannah Martin and Scary Stories of the Salem Witch Trials presents two well-educated actors whose performances seize the audience in the grip of attitudes and beliefs not likely to be shared in the modern world.  The actors transport the audience, through theatrical interaction, into the past of 400 years ago with great conviction.  One is sorry when the performance is ended, but is equally relieved to return, somewhat unsettled to the modern world. "  

Letter to the Editor Nahant Newspaper:  I wish to thank the Nahant Public Library, the Nahant Cultural Council and Daniel deStephano for sponsoring the highly entertaining and inspirational two member cast of Lynne Moulton and Jape Payette in the Trial of Susannah Martn and Scary Stories of the Salem Witch Trials.  Congratulations to the gifted performers.  The capacity audience received them well.

The Nahant Public Library has once again proven itself to be THE crown jewel of the Town of Nahant.  Ginny McCoy, Nahant.   

Susannah Martin is "one of the best presentations I've ever attended.  It was hands-on, extremely well done and informative, and should not be missed." Peter MacNeil, Pope John XXIII High School.

"The Delvena Theatre Group's production of the Salem Witch Trials was wonderful. They helped transport the entire eleventh grade class back to 1692 Salem. They invited several students to participate in the witch trial. They answered numerous questions and provided extremely Knowledgeable responses to all students. Students and teachers are still talking about the performance. We want them back every year!" Joan Santamaria (English Teacher) and Lindsey Ginter(Student Teacher)


A Christmas Trolley Adventure 

   Jape as:  "The Conductor"       

Saturdays & Sundays 2 Weekends Only!

               SOLD OUT SHOWS!

                       Tickets $12                

For Tickets--Contact Salem Trolley  (978) 744-5469 


 Christmas Carol aboard the Salem Trolley  Jape as Bob Cratchit

Most Wednesdays through Saturdays in December

For Tickets Contact Salem Trolley (978) 744-5469      *SORRY this show SOLD OUT!          Buy Early next year! 


Blue Suede Clues     Jape as Elvis




CABI Dinner Theatre presents

The Devil Amongst Us      Jape as Captain Rick Blaide



Jape has Directed the following Christmas 2005 shows:

1) A LaSallette Christmas Pageant  Pgnt05_007

2) St. Mels Christmas Show  The Living Creche, Children's Christmas Pageant at Gloucester Stage Company

3) Elves on Strike written by Jape  (A Staged Reading) &