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Jape has been Dubbed the "Story Man"

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Also seen at Barnes & Noble, your local library, schools and many other venues
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The Making of an Author  {Grades Pre-K-3}

Jape created the character: "Jape the Grape Ape from Outer Space"


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*It's hard to say no to a kid's imagination! 

*This Curriculum-based workshop features Gloucester author, Jape Payette.


  • Performs a dramatic reading dressed as Jape The Grape Ape 
  • Answers questions on the writing and publishing process
  • Facilitates participatory activities,
  • Fosters the creative early reader process.

The Making of an Author is Tailored to:    

  • Fit your school’s schedule
  • Comply with curriculum topics & standards
  • Meet individual classroom needs

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* One 30 minute session $99

*Two 30 minute sessions $125

*Three 30 minute sessions $150

*Four 30 minute sessions $175

*Five 30 minute sessions $200

*School Assembly $250

{add $15/ each hour of travel}


Curriculum-based Follow Up to Jape’s Book Reading

After the dramatic reading with Jape, teachers can offer the following mini-lesson and writing prompt:

Goal: Students will use verbal, written and creative artistic expression to gain understanding of storytelling conventions.


  • Students will be exposed to the following terms: character, conflict and story
  • Students will link these terms to literary, TV and movie characters with which they are already familiar.
  • Students will articulate descriptive language to evaluate characters’ physical and personality traits.
  • Students will write and draw characters of their own invention.


  1. Teacher shows students a variety of illustrations or images of familiar characters from books, TV and movies.
  2. Students will identify characters’ names and traits.
  3. Teacher will define character: someone who does something in a story. He or she usually has a problem that he or she must solve.
  4. Students will brainstorm and briefly share the major events of a story they know.
  5. Students will draw a character they invent. Students will write physical traits such as: dog/ red/ tall/ fury and personality traits such as: nice/ happy/ helpful.
  6. Students will continue to decorate their illustrations with art supplies such as glitter, yarn, marker to create Popsicle stick puppets.
  7. Students will collaborate in groups (3-4) to integrate characters into a story they devise together according to these guiding questions:
    • How do the characters get along?
    • What problem do they have?
    • What can they do to solve this problem?
  8. Higher level learners can elaborate on their invented characters by writing a simple story.


Each group will present its story to the others. Teacher will evaluate each group using rubrics that qualify:

  • Oral expression
  • Creative Expression
  • Written Expression
  • Cooperative dynamic
  • Mastery of new concepts/ terms