Birthdays for YoungSTARs! 
Party Themes:    Choose one  ... or ...Create your own:


*Pirates*  *Jape The Grape Ape From Outer Space*

*Drama*                      *Cowboys*        *Puppets*

*Faeries & Elves*      *Dinosaurs*     *Princess/ Knights*

*Trains           *Obstacle Course*        *Super Hero Training*

*Movies*                 *Baseball/ Sports*         *Circus*

*Dance*           * DJ*          *Karaoke*      *Dress up*        

choose one

PRICING (Tips Graciously Accepted)

Monday-Saturday: Starting at $150/ hour+

Sundays & Holidays: Starting at $175/ hour+

 Add $25 Mileage Fee*Beyond North Shore/Boston

 *Fees based on Recommended 12-25 guests

  • $5 fee per person for additional guests over 25

Party Favors:

*There are some party prizes included--

*Additional party favors: add receipts to base price 

                                *References upon Request*

         *Also Try the New:
*Spice up your party        *Roast a Loved one
*Create a Scene             *Give us the dirt—
                  *We’ll do the rest

$300/ 2 ACTORS     *Add $100 per each additional Actor